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6 Weeks to Awaken Your Intuitive Gifts,
Elevate Your Frequency, and Activate Your Soul Mission


You remember that day...

When you started seeing the signs. When that faint gut feeling settled in, telling you, “yes, there’s more to life than this.”

Since then, the inner knowing has taken space in your reality. Something within you is calling you forward. 

Some days you ignore it, or you tell yourself how unrealistic it would be to make such profound changes— you stare up at the ceiling some nights wondering if the vision that’s coming into view for your life is crazy, or maybe it’s genius.

It is time to quiet the voice of doubt and
connect to your soul mission.

Imagine how it would feel to take a step back from “doing” and feel connected to other heart-centered individuals in the sacred space of “being”. 

It is entirely possible for you to finally feel confident being your authentic self (with everyone!) and start building the life that you want to live every day.

Throughout the Soul Frequency Experience, you will gain:

  • a supportive community as you explore your inner world
  • a refreshed excitement for discovering what could be
  • the opportunity to activate your soul mission

In The Soul Frequency, you will… 

  • Heighten your intuitive insights and expand your energetic field
  • Feel lighter and embody new energy that others will notice
  • Learn how to clear negative emotions, so they don’t keep you stuck
  • Powerfully connect to your soul purpose and divine mission
  • Feel seen, heard, and understood by a sacred circle of like-minded souls
  • Identify subconscious beliefs and learn how to reprogram them
  • Feel more confident, divinely connected, and abundant
  • Magnetically attract your heartfelt desires 
  • Experience who you really are, on a soul level.

“Really wonderful, powerful, loving experience of change and growth in a safe space.”

- Dana Gaydon -

How This Six-Week Experience Works... 

The Soul Frequency Experience takes place over six weeks in a small group virtual sacred circle setting. We will work together closely over this time — I will know you and you will know me, along with the other women in the group.  We will become a soul sister collective!

There are 3 key ways we will stay connected and grow throughout our time together:

The Live Sacred Circle Calls 

These calls hold the golden keys to activating your soul mission! Seven live calls provide a safe and loving space to explore and activate your soul’s highest alignment. 

Soul Frequency Online Portal 

Take a deep dive into your life and remember your divine connection! Weekly videos and activities unlock your purpose and inspire confidence and clarity.

Sacred Circle Chats  

Be connected to your soul sister collective daily! Share your deepest thoughts, fears, questions, realizations and new inspirations through voice messages and texts.

I, personally, set aside these six weeks to be fully engaged in this process meaning - I am engaged and interacting while aligning you to a higher energetic frequency to help awaken your soul mission!

Are You Craving "More"?

Here’s how you can join our sacred circle, lovely.


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"Joining this experience is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life."

- Signe Stubo -

More than manifestation.
When you join The Soul Frequency, here’s what you’re *really* getting…

The women who join The Soul Frequency are a powerful circle filled with absolute support and love. Transformation is not a solo sport. Walking alone, it's easy to get stuck in resistance and allow your desires to remain dreams instead of becoming your reality. You’ve got to have a cosmic crew of souls cheering you on — and this group is where you’ll finally find *your* people.

“I can’t do that!” → are now words of the past. Our biggest blocks to getting what we really want all lie in our self-doubt, but as you know by now: sometimes we just need a mirror to be held up to what we’re grappling with and how to move through them with love. That’s exactly what you’ll do in this program, with deep and focused support from me.

Your energy is about to get a MAJOR upgrade, lovely — and with that comes access to a whole depth of creativity, inspiration, and motivation to activate what feels stagnant right now. Whether you’re feeling unfulfilled in your career, day-to-day or in your relationships, the high vibrational state that you’re about to step into will clear the path forward.

I know, because I’ve been there.

Hi lovely - I'm Shanna Lee, intuitive manifestation coach
and founder of The Soul Frequency.

Years ago, I had checked every box of a so-called successful life. I had a successful real estate business, married the love of my life, and started a family, yet I had this unshakeable feeling that something was missing. There was this heaviness to my life that I couldn’t source or describe. I was confused and wracked with guilt— was I ungrateful for wanting more? What did I want more of? Was there even “more” out there for me? 

In search of those answers, I made the decision with my family to leave everything behind, move to a new city, and start over building a life that felt more authentic, more fulfilling, just...more. So began the journey to move in alignment with my soul’s purpose and to master the art of manifestation— in other words, the ability to change energy into matter, and to transform ideas into realities.

I learned to shift my own energy frequency and change the trajectory of my life with tools that date back to ancient mystery schools in Egypt, with the focus on how to master one’s internal in order to overcome the external. I built The Soul Frequency to teach these methods and share the sacred tools with women all over the world who are ready to align with their soul’s true purpose.

Today, I am an intuitive healer, celebrity manifestation coach, and an expert in leading purpose-driven individuals in the rediscovery and development of their core soul mission. Through my work, I am leading the conversation on raising one’s frequency and creating a life founded on truth and alignment.

I authored the #1 Best Selling Book The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life, I am the host of The Soul Frequency Show podcast, and I am a speaker and consultant to executives of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, influencers, and fashion industry experts.

As featured on...

Join me and a sacred circle of like-minded
soul mission-seekers in this 6-week journey.


The Soul Frequency Experience
Is Designed to Uniquely Support You If…


And you feel something deeper shifting within your consciousness


Inside, you know that it might be time to step onto a path that feels like your truth


All you need is the guidance and support to help you gain the clarity you need to move forward with more conscious choices.


The only challenge is: how do you fully access who she is on an energetic level?


But right now, you don’t have access to a loving community that connects with you spiritually.


You’re ready to embrace your innate creativity and potential for more fulfillment — but you need to get out of your own way.

I loved getting to know Shanna and her approach. I have received coaching and counseling before, but she made me think about and consider things that I had not in the past.”

- Amy Quinn -

My Guarantee To You

Reaching your soul’s highest alignment requires commitment. You must be willing to invest, show up, and fully immerse yourself in the experience.

On the first call, we will be setting the energy for the group and your energy matters! All of the beautiful abundance, joy, and fulfillment begins through deep contemplation and by playing full out.

The Soul Frequency Experience was created for those who want to integrate this incredible energy and use it to benefit their lives. For this reason, we ask that you commit with your whole heart to the journey ahead. To keep in the integrity of the program, we do not offer refunds and there are no exceptions. 

My team and I will show up to lead you with everything that we are and look forward to the unfolding of your hopes, dreams, and desires. If you have any questions, please review our FAQ section below or contact us. We are ready to support you, lift you up, and cheer you on!

Ready to join us, lovely?


Easy monthly payments!

6 Payments of


Payments start the day you register.



Best value!

1 Payment of


You save $442. 

What Our Soulful Graduates Are Saying...

“The Soul Frequency Experience is a sort of magic carpet ride into your deeper self. A discovery of connections that free you from the false truths that hold you back from going after the life you truly want to live. It allows you to take every thought, judgment, and experience and use it to live authentically.”

- Leslie H -

 “This program is amazing! It helps you become aware of patterns that no longer serve you and guides you to do something else instead.”

- Marci C -

“The Soul Frequency Experience has helped me really hone in and get specific answers to questions I had when reading the book. Listening to the other experiences in the group has helped me to see areas in my life where I had blinders on!”

- Aubrey R -

"...To have peer interaction with other souls who share this journey, is like lightning that's been left out of a jar! :) Shanna... You are an amazing and generous soul! I will forever be grateful to and for you!"

- Jennifer S -

“If you actively engage and participate, this experience can and will change the trajectory of your life. Life is suddenly full of so many possibilities! Shanna is an empowering mentor and having access to her knowledge and guidance is invaluable.”

- Anna R -

“The information was given in such a beautiful way it made it simple to follow each week. Shanna is dialed in and created a container to feel safe and excited to bring about change within each one of us.”

- Maria M-


When you join us, you will receive these four bonuses to elevate your journey.

You will receive...

  • Extended access to The Infinite You Summit including 27+ hours of interviews by thought leaders plus bonuses and daily practices to support your journey! (Value: $297)
  • The Soul Frequency Workbook PDF to contemplate each question in the book and have a record of the journey you are on! (Value: $45)
  • The Raise Your Frequency Morning Meditation to start your day off right! (Value: $25)
  • The Lighten Your Body recipe book for nourishing meals to uplift your energy (Value: $35)

Total Bonus Value: $402

Pay In Full Bonuses

When you pay in full you also receive these two *special* bonuses...

Special Sacred Circle Online Retreat - Spend the day with Shanna and a group of soul sisters in this special 4-hour sacred circle event. Each participant will leave with an individual road map to manifest your desires! (Value: $600)

Plus, one individual 1:1 session with Shanna Lee - (1 hour) Explore the individual shifts that will benefit you and bring you into alignment amplifying your ability to manifest abundance in all areas of life! (Value: $444)

Total Pay In Full Bonus Value: $1,446

Still Deciding?

 “A life-changing experience! Shanna Lee creates such a sacred and supportive circle and shares her gifts with such compassion and valuable insight. I was blown away by the immediate connection I felt with the group, and the support and wisdom from Shanna.

- Amber Susa -

What is your intuition telling you? 

If you’re being called to join us, I’m waiting with open arms.


Easy monthly payments!

6 Payments of


Payments start the day you register.


Best value!

1 Payment of


You save $442. 

Frequency Asked Questions

Q: When does The Soul Frequency Experience begin?

A: The Soul Frequency Experience begins the second week of May and continues for 6 weeks.

Q: When are the LIVE coaching calls?

A:   There are different time options available for the LIVE calls including nights and weekends.  You can select a group that fits your schedule and time zone.  Each call time has a limited number of spaces and is chosen on a first come first serve basis.  Once you register, you will get to choose from the available call times.

Q: How is the program delivered?

A:  All LIVE sacred circle video calls are done through Zoom. There is no need to download Zoom if you don't currently have access to it.  You will be provided a link to Shanna Lee's Zoom room and will copy and paste that link in your browser to begin each call.  You will also receive a link to access the online portal to review the video modules at your convenience.

Q: What's the difference between reading your book and joining this program?

A:  Reading The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life is a wonderful step into the world of energy frequency and often sets women on the path to seeing their soul path with more clarity.  Have you ever read a book, learned a few things, gotten jazzed about it, only to slip back into old habits a week later?  In order to take powerful information from a book and integrate it fully into your daily life, you need a judgement free zone, and a supportive community who will help you awaken and access more courage.  The soul level and energetic connection in this group is everything!

Q: Will this be too advanced for me?

A:  This course will meet you where you are at in your own personal development journey.  Past participants have been practitioners in the fields of yoga, spirituality, meditation, massage therapy, personal development as well as doctors, business executives, teachers, small business owners, and stay at home moms.  Each participant is drawn to the program for unique reasons and all benefit from it.

Q: Will this be too basic for me?

A:  Participants receive what they are ready to receive, so if you are a soul work practitioner or have been on a soul path for years working on some of the deepest core wounds, beliefs or patterns, they will be called up for healing.  Sometimes, you will witness your soul lesson in another member of the group and finally be able to see it clearly in this safe space.  There is an interplay of energy that brings up intricate connections, memories, and awarenesses that are then cleared through the sacred circle calls.  

Q: How much support will I get?

A:  Tons of it! You'll be in a small group of no more than 15 participants and Shanna Lee will be guiding you throughout the program. Shanna is highly involved in the private sacred circle chat groups answering questions, comments and supporting your journey.  You can always email our team with any questions; we are here to help!

Q: How much 1:1 or private support will I get from Shanna?

A:   Shanna will be leading all of the sacred circle calls and she will provide individualized energetic readings and coaching on each call.  She also personally responds to the voicemail and text chats throughout the six week program.  The more you share within the circle, the more individualized attention you will receive.  

Q: How much time will I need to spend each week on the program?

A:  The LIVE calls each week are 1.5 hours in length and there is approximately 45 minutes of video content each week.  We encourage you to share as much as you would like to in the chat group.  Many participants have found the chat to be a wonderful space to deepen their knowledge in between the LIVE calls and video content.  The more you stay connected to positive energy, the more you integrate it!

Q: What if I get busy and can't keep up with the material?

A:  Don't worry -- you've got lifetime access to the program. Most past participants enjoy being actively engaged in this unique experience. Yet, we're all busy with work, family, and friends. So, we will supply all of the recordings to you and you can catch up with the modules at your convenience.

Q: How long will I get access to the program?

A: You will have call recordings and online portal access through the lifetime of the program.  You can return to the material to relisten or rewatch and we encourage this. Depending on your current awareness, you may hear certain things today and filter other things out.  We have found that when participants return to the material months later, they find new golden nuggets that support them on their path.

Q: Is there a guarantee or refund policy?

A:  Reaching your soul's highest alignment requires commitment. You must be willing to invest, show up, and fully immerse yourself in the experience. On the first call, we will be setting the energy for the group, and your energy matters! All of the beautiful abundance, joy, and fulfillment begins through deep contemplation and by playing full out. The Soul Frequency Experience was created for those who want to integrate this incredible energy and use it to benefit their lives. For this reason, we ask that you commit with your whole heart to the journey ahead. To keep in the integrity of the program, we do not offer refunds and there are no exceptions.

If you have any doubts, we are here to chat with you so you can be sure this program is the right fit at this time. If you're ready to receive this next-level experience plus incredible support and soulful guidance, then we are ready to support you, lift you up and cheer you on! 

Still have questions about the program?
Our team is happy to answer them! Please email -

This experience was completely led by my Soul's calling for me! I knew I needed support in my journey but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it and when I heard of The Soul Frequency sacred circle I knew that I needed to join! Revealing what I did within the group was not my plan but at the very beginning, I knew that I had to be honest — no matter how hard and afraid I was to speak my truth of what I have been engaging in for years! It was so freeing to finally look at it not with shame but with love.

- Jamie Wilson -

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