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Does this sound like a day you’ve experienced before?

You know what it’s like. The universe is working in your favor! You get to work from home (for once), it’s a sunny day, and the postman dropped off your package on time. You smile as you pick up a white feather that’s near your package. 

Your horoscope says the stars are aligned for you and you’re feeling blessed.

And then…

A call with an “energy draining” friend lowers your vibration just a notch. 

Your credit card statement shows up (yikes!). 

You get around to opening your email and realize that yoga class is canceled and you accidentally missed a deadline for a project which is so unlike you.

“Why do I feel so out of sync?” you ask yourself as you eat your second slice of chocolate cake.

 You spend your evening endlessly scrolling around for how to use your intuitive gifts to make a difference. 

As you get ready for bed, you are seriously questioning whether you should take a different life path and start fantasizing about rebuilding a new life that’s both liberating and inspiring.

In your vision, instead of feeling slightly emotionally and energetically blocked, you would be living your version of a deeply meaningful life; accolades and abundance are rolling in, your schedule is aligned with your soul path (and is what you make it), and love is overflowing.

Some days this vision seems within arms reach other days it feels lightyears away.

When will you finally get a break? A chance to relax and just be your authentic self?

To trust your soul to speak and guide you?

Let's be real: on most days, we tend to have more energy-draining experiences than awe-inspiring ones. And it’s probably time for that to change.

Instead of the occasional miraculous and synchronistic events that are blips on the screen, let’s change this around so you have the tools to build an authentic foundation created from infinite abundance where your soul needs are met, and you walk in the land of little miracles daily!

Do you wish you knew how to...

Transform a bad day into a good one (change the vibe in any room instantly!)

Stop worrying about what others think (and start focusing on how you want to feel)

Enjoy the amazing things in your life (instead of focusing on what you don’t have)

Move through your day with more positive energy (the kind that’s contagious!)

To your own personal attachment to certain blocks that drain the life out of you (and finally tell them-you're out of here - once and for all!)

Finally feel confident being your authentic self and start building the life that you want to live every day.

Imagine not waiting for something magnificent to show up in your life—and instead, imagine feeling empowered to take the action needed to build your dream life.

For you to love your life. Not just 3 hours of free time a day, but all 15+ hours that you’re awake.

And if any negativity shows up, you deserve to know how to shift that immediately!

Here’s why I’m so sure…

Hi lovely - I'm Shanna Lee, intuitive manifestation coach and founder of The Soul Frequency.

I had dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s in my life. I was living a so-called successful life, but one that always left me always wanting more. Someday, I would be happy. Someday, I would feel fulfilled. When I got this or that, I would finally feel a sense of freedom. 

For years, I wanted “more”but more of what exactly?

I looked around and realized that everyone around me was chasing “more” but never really finding it. I sat down one night to do some form of meditation disguised as begging for higher guidance and I heard, “move in the energy of it.”

I keep returning to the silence and receiving spiritual nuggets.

It became clear that the thing I most desired was a feelinga sense that all is well in my life. A feeling that I am standing on an authentic foundation from which abundance flows. A deep sense of safety and inner-love. These were the feelings I had always been chasing externally.

When I finally became a mother and my son took human form, I understood how an idea--a dream such as being a momcould be manifested and become a human life. I understood that I was moving in the energy of his manifestation long before I met him. I believed he was real before I was ever pregnant; I felt him, I thought about him, and I knew him.

I learned first-hand that manifestation is the creative ability to move in the energy of it prior to a three-dimensional experience revealing itself.

I began mastering the ability to change energy into matter--to transform an idea into a tangible thing--and I have shared these sacred tools with women around the world.

Mastery begins with learning how to direct your life force energy.

One day, I sat down and asked what would be most helpful for women who desire to connect more deeply with their soul purpose; and the answer was to teach them about the sacred tools. The origins of the tools date back to the ancient mystery schools in Egypt, with the focus on how to master one’s internal in order to overcome the external.  

These sacred tools were the beginning of a new chapter in my life. They have contributed to the lives of women around the world as we have been called forth to receive the tools and awaken our innate inner wisdom.  

A sacred tool chest brimming with ancient resources to shift your energy, create more positive experiences, clear blocks from your life, and raise your soul frequency.

The Energetic Shift is designed to support you on your spiritual journey and help you to… 

  • Shake off any negative energy quickly (no matter what happens during your day)
  • Discover more joy and creativity in your daily life (and make it a recurring habit!)
  • Remove the blocks keeping you from reaching your full potential (so you can make your visions a reality!)
  • Say YES only when your soul means it (you’ll be able to live in flow and attract the things that you want)
  • Create a life that is truly in alignment with your soul purpose (you’ll be able to create opportunities based on what your soul desires)

"The Energetic shift has really helped me feel better on challenging days when I’ve been feeling down. Wonderful program!"

- Linda Kvalvagnes -

The Energetic Shift is designed for women to…

  • Finally strengthen their intuition, so they can manifest what their soul desires
  • Live life more positively and use their spiritual gifts to make a difference
  • Learn what their soul is capable of and learn what it wants to achieve in this lifetime

And it’s designed to support you in moments where you find yourself feeling...

Like you need clear spiritual signs that manifesting your goals and dreams is possible

You can’t decide whether to follow your soul’s desires or what other people want for you

Unsure if you have what it takes to activate your purpose and follow your soul mission

Like a cloud is looming over your head when family members roll their eyes and tell you to stop with the spiritual nonsense

Afraid to accept your essence and your soul mission, even though they will help you make a difference in the world

Blocked while trying to access your intuitive gifts and want to open up the flow of higher guidance

Are you ready to shift your energy so that you spend *most* of your days feeling as if everything is falling into place?

Here’s how you can access *all* of the sacred tools, lovely!


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Here’s how The Energetic Shift works…

The Energetic Shift is your very own sacred tool chest, containing the most powerful tools to start focusing on what your intuitive self most desires. 

By aligning to a higher vibrational frequency on a daily basis, you change your “soul frequency”.  

As you start making new choices that encourage a state of flow, you move out of archaic patterns and away from lower frequency emotions such as fear, greed, lack, jealousy, and sadness.

Can you imagine your life changing in the most magical ways possible if you simply shift your energy by using the sacred tool chest?


If you want to:

  • Make more money or feel confident in asking for a promotion
  • Have a career you love or impact people in a bigger way
  • Feel comfortable as you switch careers


If you want to:

  • Connect deeply with the people in your life and inspire them to do the same
  • Develop more authentic connections wherever you are
  • Have more heartfelt conversations with those who you meet on your journey


If you want to:

  • Stand in front of the mirror and feel comfortable with how you look
  • Feel more centered no matter what life throws at you
  • Cultivate an abundance mindset and have an open heart


If you want to:

  • Trust deeply and dissolve the veil that keeps you feeling confused or unsure
  • Finally feel a sense of freedom when using your intuitive gifts
  • Feel reassured that your soul is guiding you in the right direction

"I was introduced to the Energetic Shift by a good friend. By aligning with the energy of this program, I’ve begun to see more possibilities for myself." 

- Jessika Svensson -

The Energetic Shift is an online self-guided sacred tool chest created from the wisdom of ancient mystery schools delivering the four key methods for shifting energy and helping you activate your spiritual expansion. They are…


  • Integrate new healing frequencies that will consistently align you to a higher vibrational state
  • Feel connected to your intuition and awaken your soul’s highest alignment
  • Discover how to put your body in a receptive state for healing and flow
  • Fill your mind and heart with harmonious and peaceful tones that resonate with your body and mind
  • Feel empowered to immediately integrate healing frequencies into your body


  • Explore the role of movement in clearing negative energy, so you can feel inspired to encourage your energy to flow effortlessly
  • Refocus your attention to move past your pain points and embrace the abundance in your life
  • Become aligned with your body to manifest your heart’s desires and move past negative beliefs 
  • Repattern pain and any emotional blockages through embodying movement and being in a state of flow and joy


  • Know how to get energetically unblocked in minutes, so you can move forward with your daily routine while feeling empowered and with a sense of purpose
  • Discover how to interrupt and get rid of unhealthy patterns, so you can stop living in low-frequency cyclical patterns 
  • Learn how to stop living in fear so you can stop getting sucked into other people’s drama and negativity
  • Know the energy that differentiates YES and NO, as well as and how both are a force of good in your life when used at the right times
  • Discover how to create positive energy in your life, so you can finally see just how you can manifest what you desire


  • Explore how to align your energy to the Divine to feel empowered, as well as how to avoid focusing your energy on negativity
  • Learn how to unblock your throat chakra and start speaking your truth so you can open all channels of full self-expression for peak dream life manifestation
  • Discover how to stop your negative inner-dialogue that will rob you of joy, peace and inner-soul connection 
  • Strengthen your body and soul so you can become aligned to your purpose
  • Reclaim your inner-child and love her like she deserves to be loved

The Energetic Shift has helped me to stay sane during the planning of my wedding, which at times, was stressful and overwhelming. It’s a wonderful program and I will keep using the sacred tools for a long time!”

- Mapendo Kahanga -

You'll also get access to these exclusive bonuses...


This is not any old journal. If you have ever questioned your soul self, your ego, or how many of your desires are actually people-pleasing and how many are authentic, this bonus will help you finally answer that question. Imagine finally being able to live in a state of flow and creativity after removing blockages, knowing you are choosing the soul-centered life you came here to live.

These questions in the Clarity Journal energetically align with your soul and allow you to discover what you want to manifest once and for all. The questions in the Clarity Journal are designed to help awaken your inner compass so you can expand your outer expression in the world.


Start your day with a unique, powerful practice that will repattern your negative thoughts to positive, life-affirming streams of inspiration. I will show you how to create your morning repatterning ritual step-by-step. Finally, receive the guidance to easily move into alignment and effortlessly manifest your dream life.

The powerful activation system in the Repattern Visualization Tool uses repetition and visualization techniques to energetically move you into a state of flow and joy. You will receive the framework to fill in your future vision, including ten sentences and activation statements, plus opening and closing devotions to manifest what your soul desires.

Here’s *everything* you’ll receive when you say YES to The Energetic Shift...

The online video portal full of forty-five sacred tools and ancient wisdom for shifting energy.

Twelve experiential video demos of how to use specific sound and movement tools to promote healing and joy.

Four modern chant recordings to bring you into a state of flow and repattern for love, peace, health, and abundance.

The Healing Frequencies Playlist for relaxation and to feel connected to your intuitive gifts.

The Conscious Music Playlist to uplift and align you in your spiritual journey.

The Meditation Frequencies Playlist to help you seamlessly enter a  peaceful and relaxed state.

The Clarity Journal to help you awaken your inner compass so you can expand your outer expression in the world.

The Repattern Visualization Tool so you can be in alignment to effortlessly manifest your dream life.

AND, this special bonus audio library ...


Say goodbye to the old patterns that prevent you from getting that promotion, being able to comfortably sleep at night, and attracting what you’ve always desired. Gain the tools that will repattern your daily negative thoughts into ones that will bring your soul into its highest alignment. Through word repetition set to binaural beats, your thoughts will now activate your future dream. The audio library will show you how to go:

  • From Negative Self Talk to Words of Affirmation
  • From Giving Up to Stepping Up
  • From Self-Doubt to Self-Empowered
  • From Feeling Unworthy to Knowing Your Value
  • From Lack of Confidence to Super Confident
  • From Unloveable to Unconditional Love
  • From Unhappy to Joyfully Fulfilled
  • From Desperate to Living In Flow
  • From Unhealthy to Abundantly Healthy
  • From Not Enough to Divine Connection

My Guarantee To You

Reaching your soul’s highest alignment and defining the next chapter of your life requires commitment. You must be willing to invest, utilize, and fully integrate the sacred tools into your life. All you need is one tool to change the trajectory of your lifeand we have forty-five tools to choose from and use for your continued growth and expansion.

The Energetic Shift was created for those who want to integrate these energetic tools and use them to their benefit. For this reason, we ask that you commit to the journey ahead. To maintain the integrity of the program, we do not offer refunds and there are no exceptions. 

My team and I will show up to support you with everything that we are and look forward to the unfolding of your hopes, dreams, and desires. If you have any questions, please review our FAQ section below.

If you have any doubts, we’re here to chat with you so you can be sure this program is the right fit at this time. If you’re ready to receive the sacred tools and have them benefit your life, then we’re ready to support you, lift you up, and cheer you on!

“We are never immune to challenging days — that’s why I love this program.”

"I’ve completed numerous self-development programs in my life, and many of them were programs you go through once before you move on. The Energetic Shift is not one of those programs.

I’ve learned that regardless of how far we come on a spiritual journey, we’re never immune to challenging days, which makes me love The Energetic Shift so much. The techniques help shift my energy fast so that I get back into alignment quickly whenever I need to.

In The Energetic Shift, Shanna gives you a unique and very effective set of tools that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. I will be coming back to revisit this entire program time and time again!"

- Signe Stubo -

“The difference I feel is incredible.”

“I was very much stuck in a rut. Building my business had become first and the joy in my life had certainly taken a back seat. Shanna pointed out in a very gentle way how I was being driven by subconscious patterns and if I continued to allow my life to be run by this subconscious thought process, my world would continue to get smaller and smaller. 

It was a frightening reality and I knew she was spot on. Immediately after Shanna shed light on this, my energy improved and I regained the desire to spend time with friends I had been avoiding. I also started opening myself up to romance again and established a much healthier work-life balance. The difference I feel is incredible and I know things will continue to shift in amazing ways.

- Dr. Sheila Kilbane -

"The Energetic Shift has proven to be the exact thing I need to help me get through the transformation I’m currently undergoing. When I first heard Shanna’s voice, I knew this program would be right and could guide and comfort me through a time where I needed a shift.

The steps in the program are easy to follow and I have the entire program on my phone, so I come back to it often - even now as I’m on the road traveling around in Norway!

I’m so happy I can have easy access to the motivation, guidance and energetic support I need no matter where I am. Thank you, Shanna, for being here on Earth and speaking directly to my heart."

- Teresa Godding -

Why Shanna Will Help You Reach Your Soul’s Highest Alignment…

Shanna Lee is an intuitive healer and a celebrity manifestation coach. With over two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and business development coupled with her accurate insight, she is an expert in leading purpose-driven individuals and supporting the rediscovery and development of their core soul mission from the ground up.  

She is the #1 Best Selling author of The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life and The Soul Frequency Show podcast. She leads the conversation on raising one’s frequency and creating a life founded on truth and alignment. She’s a speaker and consultant to executives of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, influencers, and fashion industry experts.

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Frequency Asked Questions

Q: How is the program delivered?

A: You will receive a link to access the online portal to review the video modules at your convenience.

Q: Will this be too advanced for me?

A: This course will meet you where you are in your own personal development journey. There are a variety of sacred tools and some you may feel drawn to now, others you may find value in further along in your journey.

Q: Will this be too basic for me?

A: There are a range of tools for advanced practitioners and those who have been on a spiritual path for a while. Using any one of these tools consistently will provide an energetic shift and greater possibility.

Q: How much 1:1 access do I get to Shanna?

A: This is a group self study program full of tools to help you shift your energy. Shanna does offer The Soul Frequency Experience program with live support and interaction. The intention of that program is to guide you through the inner work to help you awaken your sacred gifts, call in your purpose, and create a life rooted in pure joy.

Q: How much is this program?

A: This program is $222.

Q: Is there a payment plan for this program?

A: Yes, there is a payment plan option that is $77 per month for three months.

Q: How soon will I start experiencing results?

A: For many people, they will experience a result using a tool for the first time. They will experience a shift in their energetic frequency and begin feeling emotions such as joy and happiness while experiencing a greater connection to self and others. For others, they will experience an elevated state of being that continually expands through consistent practice and integration of one or more sacred tools. It is fun to track the new experiences, opportunities, and people that will naturally step into your life as a result of shifting your energy.

Q: How do I know if this is the right program I need at the moment?

A: This program is effective if you are feeling blocked, stuck, or have a lack of clarity or confidence in any area of life such as career, love, self-love, happiness, relationships. And if you find yourself often being triggered by people in your life or feeling envious of others, these tools will benefit you. Finally, if you are feeling a sense that you are embarking on a new chapter in your life or wanting to make some necessary changes and grow on your spiritual path, these tools will be a solid foundation on your journey ahead.

Q: How much time will I need to spend each week on the program?

A: There are four suggested paths for integration of this program. You can select a tool for a quick shift, use the portal as an oracle asking a question "what tool is best for me now?" and see where your focus lands. You can also choose to start with the integration of the experiential practices or practice consistent elevation through sacred connection.

Q: How long will I get access to the program?

A: You will have online portal access through the lifetime of the program. You can return to the material to relisten or rewatch, and we encourage this. Depending on your current awareness, you may find certain tools helpful at certain times in your journey. We have found that when participants return to the material months later, they find new golden nuggets that support them on their path.

Q: Is there a guarantee or refund policy?

A: Reaching your soul's highest alignment requires commitment. You must be willing to invest, show up, and fully immerse yourself in the experience. All of the beautiful abundance, joy, and fulfillment begins through deep contemplation and by playing full out. The Energetic Shift was created for those who want to integrate these sacred tools and use them to benefit their lives. For this reason, we ask that you commit with your whole heart to the journey ahead. To keep in the integrity of the program, we do not offer refunds and there are no exceptions.

If you have any doubts, we are here to chat with you so you can be sure this program is the right fit at this time. If you're ready to receive these next-level sacred tools and have them benefit your life, then we are ready to support you, lift you up and cheer you on!

Still have questions about the program? Our team is happy to answer them!
Please email - info@thesoulfrequency.com

“Shanna opens doors to parts of your soul that you didn’t know existed.”

Shanna has a way of giving me awesome visual cues and imagery as to how the flow of this energy in my body and mind are holding me back from success, love, progress and abundance. She opens doors to part of your soul that you did not know existed.

I have been through every therapy process possible and I never understood the power of stagnant energy in our bodies, physical & emotional until now. I am forever grateful for Shanna — she helps you finally believe in yourself.”

- Leslie Harrington -

What Is Your Intuition Telling You?

What Does Your Soul Want You To Know?

The Energetic Shift will awaken your intuitive gifts and shift your energy,
so you can reach your soul’s highest alignment.


Easy monthly payments!

3 Easy Payments



Best value!

1 Easy Payment